Huerfano County Building Departments (Colorado)

Huerfano County Building Departments develop and enforce building codes to ensure the construction of safe buildings in Huerfano County, Colorado. The Building Department maintains building and zoning records, including design plans for construction and renovation projects, records on the current structures on any parcel, maps showing property lines, and Huerfano County building permits issued by the department. They also keep records on a property's compliance with Huerfano County building codes, including building and zoning violations, as well as records of inspection reports. Many Building Departments provide online access to building records.

Walsenburg Building Department Walsenburg CO 525 South Albert Avenue 81089 719-738-1240

Huerfano County Treasurers and Tax Collectors are responsible for the collection of property tax revenue in CO. The Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector maintains and updates records on every parcel in the district, as well as maintaining certain building and zoning records. These records include building valuations, zoning boundaries, and building construction. Treasurers and Tax Collectors also keep documents on Huerfano County property taxes, including property tax assessments, defaults on property taxes, and tax liens. The office may also maintain information on property auctions and a property's prior liens or foreclosures. Many Treasurers and Tax Collectors provide online databases to access their Huerfano County building records, including documents on building and zoning.

Huerfano County - Treasurer's Office Walsenburg CO 401 Main Street 81089 719-738-1280

Huerfano County Assessors evaluate the value of properties and parcels in order to determine property taxes. The Assessor's Office maintains current data on every property in the Huerfano County, CO including inventories of parcels and structures, zoning boundaries, and the value of all the property in the jurisdiction. Assessors may also keep Huerfano County building and zoning records, such as reports from on-site inspections, maps of property lines and zones, and value assessments for building improvements. Many Assessor's Offices provide online access to their records, including documents on building and zoning.

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Huerfano County Building Inspectors ensure that building construction is in compliance with building and zoning codes in Huerfano County, CO. They maintain documents on permits issued by the Huerfano County Building Department, including construction, relocation, demolition, and occupancy permits. Building Inspectors also keep approved and rejected building plans and blueprints, records on a property's compliance with Huerfano County building codes, and records on building and zoning violations and inspection reports. Many Building Inspectors make these building and zoning records available to the public online.

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